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Rishikesh is the home district for pilgrims to practice their rituals, The 820 Sq Km Rajaji National Park covered three districts of Uttarakhand, is home to more than 300 species of birds and some part of Munsyari, the valley of flowers in Chamoli, part of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere reserves. Rishikesh has many picturesque waterfalls; Neergarh, Mohanchatti, Garudchatti, and Patna waterfalls are on its outer periphery. They offer majestic views amid high plateaus and hills among those waterfalls; religious importance is attached to Rishikund named after the appeasement of Goddess Yamuna by the yagya or a fireplace performed by the great sages. The holy river eventually appeared there and persists in the kund ever since. It has been the cheapest tourist destination showcasing the fragile ecosystem and ancient culture to the world, without disturbing them preservation comes first. Asian countries visit Uttarakhand to see nature and people living close to nature they return home and recommend it to their family and relatives, The Ramman festival of two villages sallur- sungra of Chamoli district is a blend of ancient life of animals and human being and their mutual coordination, features on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, this festival and the eponymous art form is usually an offering to the village deity, Bhumiyal devta.

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